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Image by Unsplash

It’s what you do after the fall. The falling part is hard and heart breaking, but what’s even harder is getting up and starting over again.

All of us fall at some point. The cycle of rising and falling is a part of our life. That’s the reality, whether you accept it or not. Sadly, not all of us rise from a fall. Some dwell in failure and succumb into the darkness of disappointment, fear, self-pity and ultimately suffer the loss of faith in oneself. They shut themselves from the “harsh” reality that had hurt them. They blame everyone and everything that made them that way.

In starting over, we accept things as they present themselves to us. When we have accepted this, we then make a decision. A very important decision of how we would go on with our lives. But before that, we will go through a series of obstacles and distractions. During those times, everything about us that makes us a person will be tested – so be ready to not give up. All of those things are what will make us stronger or weaker depending on how we are going to face it.

My life has endured a series of falls. And every time I did, I always make sure that I rise again. I tell myself, “It’s alright. It’s gonna be ok. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”. I tell that to remind myself that I have to rise for the next opportunity before it passes me by.

Starting over is the beginning of a new life. What kind of life it will be, depends on you.