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Image by Unsplash

I thought: I was just another soul passing by
You said: I was the world
I thought: I was the moon
You said: I was the sun
I thought: I was boring
You said: I was fun
I thought: I was lacking
You said: I was just fine
I thought: I was bad
You said: I was good
I thought: I was useless
You said: I changed you for the better
I thought: I was stupid
You said: I was smart and creative
I thought: I was dull
You said: I made you feel alive
I thought: I was a hard and cold person
You said: I was a soft and warm person
I thought: I was weak
You said: I was brave
I thought: I was late
You said: I was just on time

Of all the things I thought, not one of them said the same thing as yours. It felt like we were the same, but we were the exact opposite of each other. We were like the “Yin and Yang”, black and white, sun and moon, hot and cold; we were always the opposite of each other.

But even if so, no matter what or how many things we think of differently, there is one thing that we think and feel the same: that we love each other. And that we are happy to be together.