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Image from Pixabay

I met you again last night in my dreams
I guess it’s that time of the year again
It’s been so long since I last saw you
I can’t even remember when it was

I met a lot of people
I tried to find the right person
But none seemed right for me
They weren’t that bad at all
But there was always something off
None of it worked out
All of it ended badly

With you, I felt all sorts of things
I was happy, I was angry
I was jealous, I was hurt
And I was sad
But I still wanted to be with you
Thinking about it now,
I must have been crazy about you

Every year I meet you once in my dreams
I guess no matter how much I forget
I still can’t deny feeling lonely
I still miss you to the point of dreaming
If you happen to read this,don’t mind it
This is just a passing feeling
That comes once every year

It’s you I’m missing only because
I still haven’t met someone who
Drives me crazy, but can’t live without
It’s you I’m dreaming only because
I haven’t met the right person yet