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Image from Pixabay

Just clocked-off after a long day of work
A hot bowl of beef soup with noodles and rice sounds good to eat
I took a seat on a table for four
While I waited for my order to come, I looked around out of habit
I noticed that there were no tables for two
It was all tables for four
In a place where people usually go to eat by groups or pairs at the least
I was the only one sitting alone on a table for four
Everyone was together with someone
Everyone was enjoying the company of another as they eat
Everyone except me
I felt a pang in my chest
I ate my food in silence and finished it quickly

After settling the bill, I went out to head home
Rain was pouring down, and I had no umbrella
The taxi stop was a long walk from the restaurant
I had no choice but to wait there until it stops raining if I don’t want to get soaked
While I stood there waiting for the rain to pass, I looked around out of habit
I saw a bunch of people running in the rain teasing and laughing together
I saw a few couples, some were sharing an umbrella
While some were running holding hands without an umbrella
Then I saw a few walking alone with their umbrella
And then there was me, standing waiting for the rain to pass without an umbrella and alone

That’s right, I had a fight with you this morning
We fight almost all the time
We fight even for the trivial things
We always fight and we always made up
I watched the rain while I waited for it to stop
A thought came to mind, why do I feel a pang in my chest?
Is it because I’m hurting?
Is it because I’m alone and lonely?
Why does it feel like forever waiting here?
Is there somewhere I want to go right now?
Is there someone I want to see right now?
I saw someone holding an umbrella walking towards my direction
I couldn’t recognize the face because of the distance
As I looked carefully trying to recognize the person
A thought came to mind, why am I thinking of you?
Is it because you’re the one I want to see right now?
Would it be okay if it’s not you?
Why do I feel disappointed at the idea?
Come to think of it, I always thought of you
I always wanted to start and end my days with you
I’m not sure when it started, but you were always in the picture of my daily life
Without you it would feel incomplete.

I was lost in my thoughts for quite some time
When I finally came around, I looked around out of habit
The rain had stopped and people were starting to come out
Going wherever it is they were headed
A bunch of people from the restaurant walked from behind me
Naturally, I stepped aside to look and let them pass
As the last person passed, I saw a familiar face standing on the other side of the door
It was the person I had been thinking all this time
It was the face I had wanted to see this whole time
It was you. All this time, it has always been you.
“My umbrella came to pick me up.” I said to you smiling
Smiling back, you held my hand and said “Let’s go home.”

That’s right, in a place were it seemed people were always together
I was not alone, you were always there together with me