Just Let Go And Fall For Me


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It’s pointless to resist
You’ve already been caught
Just let go and fall for me
There’s no other way
It’s too late to go back and pretend
I already know how you feel
And I think I like it
Don’t you want to know
How I feel?
You might like it also

It’s not such a bad thing
To be brave
And it’s definitely not such a bad thing
To want to be with me
So stop resisting
Be brave
Be with me


You can lean on me


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Why is it raining so hard now?
I don’t like it when it rains
Makes me feel cold
And sometimes

You were so nice back then
What made you change?
Was it worth it?
Are you happy?

‘coz if not…
It was all for nothing

I hate seeing you like this

You can tell me if it’s too hard
You can lean on me

If it’s too embarrassing for you
Then I’ll close my eyes
Cover my ears
And won’t say anything

I’ll just be here for you
So hold on to me

I’ll Leave Because it’s too Hurtful


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I knew I was headed for a heart break
But I still went through with it
I couldn’t help it
You were already someone
I couldn’t ignore
You were always on my mind
And my eyes only saw you

I knew I was headed for a heart break
So how can I tell you?
I was almost certain that you’d leave
Once you find out my secret
So how can I tell you?

I Started this whole thing
Without any expectation
I made myself believe
There was nothing to expect
Again and again
Until I finally accepted it in my heart

I really was certain that you’d leave
Once you find out the truth
And now that you know
The only thing that’s left to do
Is to disappear
It would be too sad and hurtful
To watch you leave
So, I’ll go instead
You wouldn’t look anyway
So it won’t matter much to you

My Reality


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My reality is I’m an ordinary person
Who thinks uniquely of myself
I want to believe that I’m a special person
Let me correct myself:
I choose to believe that I’m a special person
Someone capable of doing great things
And eventually achieving something great

I’m a person who wants to make a name out of myself
Secretly wanting recognition

I want to do a lot of things
I want to be good in a lot of things
Some may call it ambitious
Some may call it greed
I’d be lying if I say I don’t care
But even still, that’s what I want

I’ll be Back


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I’m not looking for a place to hide
I’m not going to hide
So you don’t have to worry

There’s so many things going on
At the same time

It’s starting to confuse me
And drain me of my strength

I need to be alone for a bit
Not because I want to leave you
But because I need to think

I need to clear things in my head
I need to release the heaviness in my heart

I’m not looking for a place to run
I’m not going to run away
So you don’t have to worry

I’ll be back
It won’t take long
I’ll be back
That’s for sure

Before the Realization


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I came all the way
Just to see you
Don’t ask me why
‘coz I don’t know why
No really, I don’t know
So don’t ask

You’re ok and not ok
Don’t ask me what it means
‘coz I don’t know
No really, I don’t know
It’s all confusing
So don’t ask

Could it be that…
But rather you’re…
Then.. That would mean…



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The heart break’s over
The tears have stopped
I’m still sad but
It doesn’t hurt like it used to

I can breathe now

It’s really hard
In times of pain
You lose interest in everything
Like nothing matters anymore

Even so, I keep thinking
I should hold on and not give up
Soon it will be over
And soon it will be okay
Because life is a cycle of ups and downs
Like seasons pass and come again

Leaving a Goner


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You’re such a goner

You always leave me alone

You said you’d be here

But that was just you

Sweet talking me

I waited and endured

But in the end I got tired


I don’t wanna wait for you anymore

I don’t wanna feel alone anymore

I don’t wanna be sad for being alone

I can’t take it anymore

And I certainly won’t in the future


You being gone is no longer new

There should be no problem

In leaving you

If it’s even possible to leave

Someone who’s already gone

Just Looking


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Image by Unsplash

If not doing anything like writing
You would probably see me
Looking randomly at people and things
A lot of times
I see people doing things
When they thought no one was looking
And most of the time they get surprised
As if they’d seen a ghost
Then they would quickly leave